Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Heal this!

This is a different blog for me. Not so formatted and well thought out. I guess I am using it for a public blast! And that it is. I am so worn out with anti-Christian rhetoric when I post some of the basic beliefs: God is real; Jesus is real; the Bible is truth; HEALING happens...

Why do views about other belief systems go unscathed but Christianity gets shot at with fervor? Why is it so hard for logical, intelligent people to believe in the Bible, therefore believing in God, therefore believing in Jesus, therefore believing in salvation?

Love the critics replies: Christians are phonies; they sin anyway; they drive fancy cars and have a lot of money (some of them just like the rest of the population); Christians are always judging me; and bla bla bla...

I am a Christian. I do not BELONG to a certain CHURCH. I belong to a group of peculiar people, as the Word says, who want to live for Christ to bring good to the world and peace where there is none. I will blow it. I will make mistakes. I will get angry. I will make someone mad.

But for all those who are so intelligent they explain away Jesus and the Word and HEALING I say, "You haven't needed a healing bad enough so that when you received it, you knew it had to be a divine healing." And that is a good thing for YOU. But I have been at death's door so many times, that healings stand out in a big way for me.

I was HEALED on Sunday, October 11, 2009. There, I said it. How? For two months I suffered with extreme fatigue and sleepiness. Along with multiple other medical problems, this made for a bad addition to my list. It makes it harder to get through the day, exercise, carry on my life, stick myself with two IV needles every other day, take 30 pills each day, go to doc appts every week, diet, think, live...

Every test was done until one doc discovered I have a kind of narcolepsy. That was until Sunday past.

I went to church with a bad attitude. I was tired and wanted to stay home and sleep. I could go to bed at 10:00 pm and not wake up until 10:00 am the next day. I was angry and attitudal. "God, I want You to heal me--today or at least by Monday afternoon." Oh the thoughts stung my innermost soul. Who was I to demand a healing?

Right after the music, the service was supposed to start, but an elder, Leo, felt the need to have all the elders come to the front of the church and let people come up for prayer for healing or anything else. Only a few people went up--it wasn't even 15 minutes into the service. No fancy Word moved anyone to prayer or repentance. No spiritual message worked anyone up into a life-changing need.

But a voice in my head told me to put aside my pride, anger, rebellion, and attitude and go up for prayer. And the Lord told me who to go to.

I walked up, crying before I got there. I had to let go and stop fighting like I had any kind of power over my life. Maurice and his wife Cheryl prayed for me. Maurice spoke in words I knew were from the Lord. We cried and hugged. I was healed.

I went back to my seat. No one noticed. The service went on.

Leo walked past me. He had no idea what had just happened. But glancing quickly, he said, "Your healing is coming."

That was Sunday. Monday was okay. But by Tuesday, yesterday, I woke up with the sun, had plenty of energy, helped my husband, John, with the inside painting project I could only watch from the couch, worked on stuff, made dinner, and felt so much better! I WAS HEALED!

So there. Call it what you want. No explanation. I have been healed MANY TIMES throughout the past eight years of life-threatening illness. Doctors cannot explain away any of the healings medically. Most of my doctors now accept God is healing me--they can find no other reason for things that have happened.

FIGHT all you want against peace through Jesus. Tell me if you are truly at peace with your life and future. Then again, don't tell me if you think you can convince me to change my beliefs. I know what works. I live in Him every day.

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