Saturday, August 11, 2012

Freedom is For Real!

The 60's were a classic era. Our rigid culture, unable to contain the demands for individual freedom, caused many to break free of social constraints through extreme deviation from the norm. And this is why I believe our country has now entered a backwards time warp, returning us to the 60's with all kinds of threats and restrictions on free speech.

Electronics has only changed the venue.

With terrorists and other evil people making use of the ability to share electronically, we cannot punish those in this country who exercise the free will we cherish and our people and troops fight for.
Recently, I received documents accusing me of many various and absurd acts of insanity. They included content taken from my Facebook page and my blog. It took a lot of time and energy to compile such a collection, but the information was false, construed, and actually--stupid.

Freedom is to live without repercussion from public forum whether it is printed newspaper or electronic media. And we have the right to freedom in the United States.

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