Thursday, March 21, 2013

Save a Rabbit

Consumers will spend more than 17 BILLION dollars on Easter this year, and the Washington Post reported today that:
"Republicans started complaining about a notice that the White House Easter Egg Hunt could be canceled due to a potential government shutdown. The Obama administration has already come under GOP criticism for canceling White House tours due to the mandatory, across-the-board cuts known as sequestration." 
So what would Jesus think? He's the one who died in a painful, torturous manner. He's the one who rose. Isn't that what Easter's about? Instead of the real reason, it's merely candy, food, arguments, drunkenness, credit card debt, and all the other things that come with these Catholic Church holidays.

I think the Catholic Church should sequester Easter.

Save a rabbit--boycott Easter.

 [Disclaimer] This is not a slander on any religious beliefs. This is a rant against the machine. The retail driven fringe that creates lucrative profits based on the appeal of religious holidays.

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