Monday, November 21, 2011

Book Review: The Promise of Deer Run by Elain Marie Cooper

Nathaniel, one of the troops at West Point, New York in 1783, wakens from a difficult night's sleep like many others interrupted by serving in America's war with England. The cheers of victory as news of the triumphant end to a battle for independence from England's reign, left Nathaniel standing, reluctant to join the celebrations. His thoughts were of a war of personal tragedy that occurred alongside the three years he served.

Once he was freed from his service, the looming pain of his stalled life at home surfaced. A lovely woman, the return to family and community, guilt, loss, marriage, and the harsh conditions of life on the farmland, all become ingredients for this deeply moving novel.

Throughout Cooper's book, the delicate details and historical accuracy bring you into the homes, trials, and lives of the characters and when reconciliation and restoration join the ending of the story, it's as if your own tears will need to be wiped away at the endurance of love and faith.

I committed to this review weeks ago, but personal tragedy of my own caused my reading to occur tonight. I am better readied for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season after reading this exquisite book. What warmth Cooper's story brought to my own broken heart as I cuddled with the last few pages.

Buy a copy for yourself to break away from the stress of this time, and buy several for friends and family to offer them the same comfort I received from this wonderful read.

Cindy Valenti Scinto

The Promise of Deer Run
Elaine Marie Cooper
Finalist: 2011 Nest Generation Indie Book Awards
Honorable Mention: 2011 Los ANgeles Book Festival
Best Romantic Moment:, February 2011

Elaine Marie Cooper grew up in Massachusetts but now lives in the Midwest with her husband, her three dogs and one huge cat. She has two married sons and triplet grandchildren who are now one years old. The Promise of Deer Run is dedicated to the triplets and to veterans who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Elaine has been a magazine freelance writer for many years, and is a regular contributor to a blog on the Midwest called The Barn Door and a blog on Christian living called Reflections In Hindsight. She is the author of The Road to Deer Run and the sequel, The Promise of Deer Run. Prior to becoming an author, Elaine worked as a registered nurse.

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