Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Monday, Monday


Yup, Monday, Monday... are ya singing yet? I posted those two words on Facebook last week and had a round going with the lyrics and some Facebook friends. Funny how silly things can stir people's responses. Interesting how things of the spirit, things of the deepest part of our souls, can go untouched. We have deep waters to tread, and often, no one wants to stir whats below the surface.

This morning, in a frenzy of  scheduling and working, I stopped to smile and be happy about my life. What can anyone, anything, any thought, any offence from the past, or any failure today, possibly do to stop me from living, loving, and knowing who I am.

What are you thinking of right now? Have you twiddled on Facebook or tweeted jokes? Packed your schedule and then when you have time to sit, find your fidgety? Do you avoid looking under the surface and instead choose to keep busy so you can tread water?

The deep parts of our workings are the best parts of who we are. Instead of shying away from dark areas we want to avoid, we do better to scoop up all that we are and march forward.

Tuesday, Tuesday...

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  1. So excited for our upcoming visit! Can't wait to see you!