Thursday, December 6, 2012

He Said, She Said...


I absolutely hate lying. I do not lie. It causes my toes to wiggle at the thought of it. And I detest those that lie or lets say, bend, manipulate, or combine information to suit their agenda.

So let it be said--let it be known...

(T represents: true fact--not defamation)

WinePress Publishing has done much to malign my name. (T) That is their business. I really just want them to stop selling my book, which according to my lawyer, they no longer hold the right to sell. (T) And as a wise woman said, "Why do they sell your book if they have referred to you as sick, twisted, an enemy of Jesus, a liar, a conspirator, (T) and all the other stuff they claim?" But their campaign also included hours of well crafted and lengthy missives of "he said, she said" and I don't know a single Christian publisher in the entire world who would engage such ferocious and time consuming efforts to destroy people--mainly Athena Dean and I. Who are not partners... (T)

In one recent accusation of causing a death threat on an employee, two of the members went to the Enumclaw police station with a printout of an email and picture this employee was sent. He claimed he was scared and considered it a death threat. (T) I spoke to the police officer handling this claim. He informed me these WinePress employees never mentioned my name.

Yet, they have created these many sites and print editions (T) stating I caused this email to be sent. The picture included with the email would make it appear I was behind the entire fiasco.

Here is WinePress's recent Crimeline entry: (T)

Below is a group of versions of this same picture, widely used on the Internet as a spoof:

WinePress also stated that: (T)

I attended Write-to-Publish in May 2012 as an instructor. I verified with the person who runs it that I had nothing to do with their decisions about WinePress publishing, which I knew because I never even contacted them. Wow, more provable lies by WinePress publishing. (T)

So who do we trust now?

He said, she said ... 

Why post this garbage? Everyone advises me not to. 

Because I'm tired of being trashed and slandered by a "Christian" publisher.


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