Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"Bomb's" Away!

Because Jesus knew what they were thinking, he replied, “Every kingdom involved in civil war becomes a wasteland. Every city or house torn apart by divisions will collapse." (Matthew 12:25 CEB)
I'm walking in the Jetway to the plane.

I'm flustered at the security checkpoint's confiscating my Mary Kay makeup. It was more than 3 oz. and I had too many little tubes. Is there a numerical limit?

The guy behind me is giggling at me shoving things back into my backpack.

Laughter builds up in my frustration. I giggle myself.

"You'd think I was harboring a bomb in my tube of cover-up"

Everyone stopped cold, faces and eyes frozen like the old "deer-in-the-headlight" cliche.

"Don't say that. What's wrong with you? Shhhhhh..." The man behind me urged my silence.

After the long, awkward pause, we continued the shuffle toward the small doorway into our waiting plane. I remained silent, still chuckling to myself inside.

What a shame. A Mary Kay makeup comment and using the word "bomb" can stop a line of people and cause terror in their faces.

If only people could live in peace--not fighting, quarreling, killing, hating, judging, cursing, and mistrusting. Only God knows true peace and he wants us to have it.

But walls of religion create fissures to life.

Take down the walls. Love all peoples like God does. Forgive and rebuild. That's what a Christian should do. That's how a Christian should live.

How do you perceive others? What bombs of division do you launch?

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