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I just started a comment thread on my Facebook page about cell phones and public places. How every time someone is using their phone, critical looks, sneers, jeers, and big ears, will listen, judge, pick on, or demoralize the use of a smart phone in public. Take a look at the thread if you're on Facebook:

MMA Fighters. Look familiar?
You'd think I'd let the captives free! We are all, yes, us humans, so quick to pick on each other. In a previous post, "Freedom is For Real," I whined about freedom of electronic speech. We're turning our technology into an MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) round with the bloodiest participant loosing.

When we take opinion, scripture, doctrine, and personal beliefs and use them to rip at people's hearts, we break all the rules Jesus taught us. Actually one--Love your neighbor as you love yourself.

I'm writing a book titled, The Christians Guide to Terminology. It's a spoof with the truth added to each chapter. I go through the alphabet, A-Z, and come up with one Christianeese word for each letter. Here's an example:

For "A," I use our "Accept the Lord" phrase. Do you realize what that means to someone who has never been exposed to Christianeese? On the right side of the page spread is the Webster's phonetic spelling for  ac·cept [ak-sept] the Lord [lawrd] ... and a real Christian summary of the concept. Of course, the opposite page has a cartoon:
Mimi has answered the door. She's in her house dress and curlers. The mailman needs her signature on a box he's delivering. On the box, in large letters is the name LORD. Mimi is signing the form. She's accepting the Lord. [tehetehetehe]
I'd like to get this book written and publish it as a cute, but informative look at Christianeese.

But it makes me think of our isolating language, cruel judgments, condemning attitudes, and mean spirits.

I quote Anne Rice, one of America's most read and celebrated authors; "No particular church really owns God."

Stop the madness, drop the obsolete Christianeese, leave revenge and vengeance in the garbage bin, and let people live. Amen.

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