Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Jesus Loves Me This I Know


I know, no one appreciates when a shopper is on their cell phone. In fact, cell phone users, urrr, like all of us, get harassed for using their phone in public. Isn't that what a cell phone is for?

So yesterday when my cell phone rang in the grocery store and I didn't recognize the number, I wasn't going to answer.

Hmmm, looks like it could be a speaking event contact. So I answered the call.

"Hello there, Cindy." The man's voice was older sounding. "This is the man you met in the doc's office last week. You know, the kidney transplant office. I wanted to sing you a song I wrote, but you were in a hurry."

I was mad at myself for answering. Another wanna be was calling me to ask me to help them. No one ever calls just to cheer me up or encourage me. And the day I met this man, I was certainly not in the mood to listen to his song or anything else he wanted to say. I was having one of those very bad days.

"Can I sing you my song now?"

I hesitated. His voice was gentle. That very moment I was distraught over personal problems, health scares, new medical diagnosis, and felt like I was abandoned and alone.

"Okay, sure. I'm walking around the grocery store. Go ahead and sing." I figured I'd be listening, not talking so it was perfect. Though I hoped he wouldn't go on forever and make me have to be rude. After all, I was in a bad mood.

Jay began to sing. The song was simple--words and verses that reminded me of "Jesus Loves Me This I Know." He sang about how good Jesus was to him and how Jesus saved his life. The whole song took a minute or so.

"Jay, that was so beautiful. I'm shopping and in a terrible way emotionally and spiritually, and you called me at the perfect time. You know, God used your song to remind me of his care and love for me."

"I'm glad," he said. "I've lived a rough life and did drugs and drank. I lost my kidney and had to clean up or I'd die. So I did. But more than that, I met Jesus and now I'm a new man with a new kidney. And I got married four years ago to a great woman. Do you wanna hear another song?"

"Yes," I answered. I really did.

Jay sang me another song just as sweet and simple as the other. But the words were all testimonies to the love of Jesus.

God sent me a phone call from Jay to speak directly to me. To me.

Jay and God weren't asking for anything.

Call someone today simply to ask them how they are. Talk to them. Bring them coffee. Sing them a song from your heart.

Even if your in the grocery store.

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