Monday, April 25, 2011

Cindy in Chicago - Day Four

Average wait time at the University of IL: 180 days. Days I've waited on the list: 171

Raining again in Wheaton.

Got an email today from my pancreas pre-transplant nurse coordinator. That's a long cumbersome title. We're scheduling some ultrasound testing for my abdomen and to check circulation in my legs. Better get some exercise today.

I'm listed as wait time of 171 days already because of my time in Minneapolis. Average wait time here for a pancreas transplant is 180 days. I guess I'm close.

Well, must exercise and shower. AND BIG NEWS, a dear friend who I haven't seen in almost 20 years has a niece here. She's picking me up at 6 tonight for dinner out and shopping. Oh yeah...oh Yeahhhhhhh...

* * *

Almost 6:00 PM. Yes! Dinner out and a few stores with my angelic friend.

Blonde, lively, lovely, and crazy, Lenee drove off as we figured out where to eat. I loved downtown Wheaton and Lenee shared her experience with her first job here as we passed the actual building where she used to work. "I had a friend's big truck to drive and when I left the interview, I had to climb back in wearing my pink suit. I noticed the entire office was lined up against the second floor windows watching me. What could I do? I grabbed my skirt and lifted it high above my thighs so I could climb in. I got the job. They said the skirt move convinced them nothing could scare me off." I giggled and pictured those faces pressed up against the glass panes.

We chatted nonstop. I love to talk with someone who can gab as much as me--never have to worry about them thinking I talk too much. And ya know, we both gave each other ample time to expound on our life stories. If only everyone was like Lenee! 8^)

She graciously stopped at a few stores and brought me "home." It was after 8:00 so the doors were locked. Willy, a care manager was there to punch the code that let us in and let Lenee out. We posed for a quick picture. I hope she won't hate me for posting it. This is what two women look like after spicy HOT Mongolian food, wine, and a peanut butter ganache and chocolate dessert launching us over the top.
It was a great evening.

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