Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cindy in Chicago - Day Seven

Average wait time at the University of IL: 180 days. Days I've waited on the list: 174

Cloudy but the SUN is out! Yes!

I'm so bummed. Yesterday was such a terrible day--I missed American Idol! OMG--missed the ONE show I watch with a passion. Oh, James, I didn't get to see you perform. You won't be on Hulu, YouTube, or anywhere. My heart sinks at the thought.

Hey, that reminds me of one of the teachings I do, "A Heart By Any Other Name." I use certain phrases to illustrate our hearts are more than a muscle. If it were really only a muscle, why do we use it in so many inanimate ways?:

"I love you with all of my spleen."
"My intenstines break for you."
"I love you from the bottom of my stomach."
"He wears his liver on his sleeve."
"My bladder goes out to you."
"Absence makes the thyroid grow fonder."
"He's a man after my own pancreas."

What ones can you come up with?

Well, off to the gym soon. Then a walk on the wild side to some stores. Work to do. And more posting later. See ya...

Walked cancelled. Gym cancelled. On the phone for hours...and ...drum roll please.... I now have a place to stay in downtown Chicago, affordable, a few block from the hospital--The Presidential Towers. Oh ,yes, no mo' packin' Like, "On the road again, just can't wait to get on the road again..." Sing it Willy!

I have to repack once again. Man, this blog is getting boring. Pack and unpack, pack and unpack, I promise some exciting news is coming soon. Actually an amazing event that I'm hoping to will happen soon. Keep reading...

But first, a word from out sponsor....dee deeet dee deeet (that's a teletype machine--you know, before computers.)

This computer I'm blogging from, an ASUS netbook, 2gb RAM, Atom Processor, is my friend, buddy, comrade, and life saver on the road. Sorry iPhone, I'm not in love with you yet. And because I travel often, and I love a great cup of coffee with HALF AND HALF--not powder or wee wee milk, I bring MINI MOOS! No refrigeration needed, they fit in your purse or pocket, (don't squash them) and if you are desperate you can add water and have a bowl of cereal with them.

So, computer and Mini Moo's go together and I named my computer: MINIMOO.

Think I'll get some work done; I'm getting way too silly.

Signing off until tomorrow,

Cindy in Chciago
Waiting for a pancreas transplant

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