Monday, May 9, 2011

Cindy in Chicago - Day Eighteen

Average wait time at the University of IL: 180 days. Days I've waited on the list: 185

Monday, Monday... I'm singing, Monday, Monday...

Sunday was great. Not because it was Mother's Day--I was alone and away from my husband and son. It was great because the sun shone and I spent time with some wonderful people. It was great because I have a place to stay, groceries, my mini computer, a phone and cell service, plenty of sleeping options, a fantastic view, people who love me, and a doctor who is willing to give me a chance.

Without Dr. Oberholzer at the University of Illinois, I would not have an opportunity to be on this list for a pancreas transplant. He is the only surgeon willing to help me. Not getting a donor pancreas will leave me with a very short life span--really. He will join the list of people in my life who saved me from death. They are as follows:
  1. Carole Fenkler - Seattle, Washington. She worked for the insurance company as my case manager. She did the research and found the program I qualified for to inject FGF-1 in my coronary artery. The FGF-1 grew another artery and collaterals that kept me alive. After I had the new artery, my main blood vessel blocked up 100% and I would have suffered a fatal heart attack. That new artery also kept me alive long enough to receive a heart transplant. If Carole had not taken the time to find this experimental program, I would surely be dead.

  2. Dr. Thomas Stegman - Germany. He invented the FGF-1 that without, I would surely be dead.

  3. Don Harter - Wenatchee, Washington. Because of his generous help, my surgeon, his team, and his equipment, were flown by Leer Jet to the hospital where my donor was. He only had three hours to get there and repair her heart. Then they were all flown back, escorting the donor heart, in the same Leer Jet. Without Don's help, I would surely be dead.

  4. Dr. Icenogle and Dr. Sandler - Spokane, Washington. They performed this heart transplant on July 14, 2005 even though it was doubtful I would live. Diabetics rarely get approved for a heart transplant. Dr. Icenogle literally saved my life two times as I was in critical condition before the transplant and after a double bypass surgery. Without their diligence and dedication, I would surely be dead.

  5. Danielle Martinez - Olympia, Washington. She is my heart donor. Her heart beats in my chest. Without her kind nature, giving disposition, and care for others, I would surely be dead.
I can't type all the people here that made my life possible. I wish I could. You're all part of my miraculous survival. The five above are the ones that directly affected my life. But there are so many more. Dr. Canaday knows how many times he saved me from death with unheard of interventions. The ER staff when I coded two times. Ambulance drivers. My husband My son. So many more...

I'll be back later today. Let's see what I can find to do today.

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