Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cindy in Chicago - Days Seven and Eight of Freedom

Sunday Night

This weekend was a bit slow going for John and I. Bad weather and I really had to get some strength back. We walked to a few places, watched movies, and checked in at home with our son, Jonathan.

John and I married 15 years, Jackson 1 year,
and our son, Jonathan was 7.
Monday will be more productive. John has an office here in one of the Post Offices to work at and I will actually do my laundry tomorrow. Then...

It's our 29th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY! Monday, May 23, 2011 is 29 years since we got married. John got the raw deal when he promised "in sickness and health." But he has honored and protected me and been the most amazing husband.

We will probably try to find somewhere to take the bus or train or walk to for dinner. I hear the zoo is FREE so we may try to go there. He has to work half the day.

I finally feel better tonight so I guess the tons of water and better amount of food has helped me get strength back.

Storming tonight and there is a tornado watch. Looks cool to watch the lightning from the 38th floor window.

More on Monday. Pics to come! Nite Nite!

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  1. That's awesome Cindy HAppy Anniversity. Jimmy and I celebrated our 29th on Feb 13th this year. That pic of you and John and Jonathan reminded me of when I first met you at cctc Tempe az. That was most likely in 93 or 94. It's so good to hear you're getting better so fast. God is good and He is the best Dr in of all. Have a great Anniversary and continue to get you strenght back. God Bless Marilyn Varner

  2. Cindy, this picture is what I remember you all like. Okay, grammatically that made no sense. but you know what I mean. :) Anyway, glad for the good news. Please tell John I said hi. ~Dawn Hursh