Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cindy in Chicago - Day Thirteen

Average wait time at the University of IL: 180 days. Days I've waited on the list: 180

Oh wow, my 180 did a 180. I'm on the waiting list for a pancreas 180 days now--average wait time--just the average--is 180. Gotta get better from here on in. Lot's of variables but that day must be close. Wow.
Flowers in Front of Building

STOP - WAIT - This is a new addition to this post and it's late afternoon on Weds. I am once again BLOWN AWAY by ALL the MIRACLES happening.

When I got up this morning, I started packing in anticipation of moving out again and finding another place to stay. But some very AMAZING people working with the hospital and Presidential Towers once again came to my rescue. I can STAY in this place as long as I need to and the financial arrangement is even less than I ever dreamed. Oh, all those prayers and being received and heard. You have all been so great, praying for me non-stop.

So, I am going to celebrate by sleeping in the bed tonight for the first time. I've been here six days and have slept on the couch the whole time, not even stepping into either bedroom. Wow, I'm going to party and have some dark chocolate and a cup of tea!

I styled my hair and put make up on today
but think I like the messy look better!
And can you believe I feel guilty now? Guilty for not remaining completely faithful for God to provide as HE has every step of the way from Miracle one listed below in a posting a few days ago. EVERY need--big and small--has been met. I am ashamed that I ever doubted. And now, when I am wheeled into that frigid, brightly lit operation room, hair neatly tucked under a paper cap and toes freezing, I will go under with peace and comfort.

Besides--my new hair cut will make it easier to tuck my hair in.

I also got to visit the campus of Moody Bible Institute and meet my all time favorite radio host, the one and only, Mike Kellogg. Wow, I love that man. And we chatted in his office like old friends. His Music Through the Night show lulls me into a peaceful sleep many nights.

So today was a very good day. The weather is glorious. The sun shines with pride and joy. The breeze holds a bit of warmth. And the days ahead promise to be promising. I am forever grateful for all those reaching out to help me.

Thank you to Jesse today who made it all possible. And Pastor Bob who introduced me to Jesse.
The original arch at Moody from 125 years ago.

How wonderfully lucky I am to have perused the campus at Moody. After, I took the train and then explored downtown. I really like the city of Chicago.

As my friend Daniel said, "It's the Cindy City."

Maybe a donor pancreas next.
I walked around the city Tuesday. Found a shop to get my hair cut and colored. I feel shorter. It's good to have my hair done before major surgery.

I've had two "Monday Night Dinners" with Lenee--remember my angel friend? We're calling them "The Monday Night Last Supper" nights. I keep hoping it will be the last supper on a Monday before I get called for a donor pancreas. Cute, huh?

And, once again, I have to move from my place. There are other people scheduled to come in this weekend, so I hope there is another place in this building for me to stay. I hope. Otherwise I'm back to looking for a place: a suitable, quiet, safe, peaceful place.

My life's a zoo and the zookeeper quit. The animals are running all over the place!

Tonight, I rearrange again. I'll post more after I get moved and settled again. Another sunset in Chicago--another day ending with the unknown ahead.
Sunset Over Chicago

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  1. I love your hair cut! And are you already losing weight? You look 10 years younger!
    Still praying for your strength and courage and faith.
    Every day you wait is another day of life for the donor; maybe to wrap up loose ends (unknowingly), find peace, say "I love you" one more time. I know you, more than anyone, are aware of these things.
    Writer's group tomorrow, tally ho!

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    list of gardens in Illinois (not sure what you're close to: Illinois
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  3. I know you'll miss your long hair, but I have to say, your hair is so cute short like that.