Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cindy in Chicago - Day Three of Freedom


The docs are blown away. I'm eating solid food and was doing well enough to get discharged back to our temporary apartment today. But my fever spiked a bit. Seems like the central line in my neck was wanting to get infected. So I bought myself a full day of IV antibiotics.Having some electrolyte imbalance too. Giving me magnesium.

So I walk the halls and follow the protocol treatments. Funny, I'm walking so fast and doing so good that I'm the hot topic on the floor. Even visitors pass me and say, "Hey, you're the one who walks so fast and is recovering like no pancreas transplant before!"

I do have my friends joining me: My Heartman, Dr. Gumby, Biker Gumby, and Policeman Gumby. They join me for all walks.
Dr. Gumby fell off one time so now he holds on real tight.

Mr. Heartman and Biker Gumby are a bit more adventurous!

Policeman Gumby likes to be on top so he can patrol the area.

And, there have only been 10 pancreas transplants done on a person with a previous heart transplant years before in the past 20 years and actually ever in the US. I retrieved the data from UNOS--United Network of Organ Sharing. So I'm only number 11. Now I need to find out how long each person lived and how they did. Diabetics just don't live long enough to survive a pancreas transplant. These docs here at UIC have never done this before.

Speaking of UIC--the care here is simply amazing. The docs talented, personable, caring, and love to help people. ALL the nurses and other people like the pharmacists, aides, food people, maintenance people, everyone--have been fantastic.

And then there is my husband, John. He caught a flight Thursday night and got here at midnight. He never left my side, creating a makeshift bed out of two chairs. He's the best ever husband. I'm not sure I could be as faithful and long suffering as him. Thank you, honey.

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