Monday, May 9, 2011

Cindy in Chicago - Day Nineteen

Average wait time at the University of IL: 180 days. Days I've waited on the list: 186

12:05 AM
It's officially Tuesday high up in my glass enclosed living room. I keep trying to go to sleep early but can't. My mind is officially on overload. Bad habits I have developed.

Yesterday's post was so serious. I remained uninspired the rest of the day. Worked on an editing job, organized, made phone calls for a prescription lost from Walgreens, letter to take care of for fund raising organization, still can't get my Mother's Day card from my son because there's confusion with the mail. So so so...not the hospital or management's fault--patients just don't stay long in this apartment and the mail carrier doesn't know yet I'm here for the duration.
Rev. Dr. Billy Bonthius
Cindy and Christine.
Just two crazy girls in the rainy
town of Maple Valley, Washington
My sweetest friend, Billy, is providing the funds for a great friend to fly out here like around June 7th. Christine will be a great comfort--she's like a sister from home. And we can have some girl time. I'll be recuperating and it will be great to have a friend to help if I get into trouble. She'll be able to stay until I leave. Flying here--no car--so she'll ride the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) with me unless it's a day where Lenee pick's us up.

Thank you, Lenee. I love ya gal!

Well, that's all I have to say for now. I'm lost for content. Scared I may be wandering into mindless bliss--like when you get numb from the constant pressure.

Maybe I just need some sleep.

Even though it's today, I'm hitting the bed to get rest. I thought maybe after I take care of unfinished stuff in the morning I will go sight-see somewhere in the afternoon.


Maybe I'll have some awesome pics.

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