Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cindy In Chicago - Day Twelve

Average wait time at the University of IL: 180 days. Days I've waited on the list: 179
On the twelfth day of waiting I finally settled in,
With groceries in my 'frigerator,
Coffee perking for my breakfast,
Toast toasting in the toaster,
Butter waiting for my toe-oast,
Raspberry Jam to brighten the morning,
Juice chilling to take my pills with,
Ham and cheese to make a sandwich,
Tomatoes ready to be sliced,
And even mustard to make it nice,
Plenty of bottled water to drink,
Protein drinks there may be two I think,
And one sparsely stocked kit-chen.
But notice, the only rooms I am using in this gorgeous two bedroom, two bath apartment are the kitchen living room, and bathroom. I am still sleeping on the couch--no, I will not give in and sleep in the bedroom. If I had enough money to pay the rent here while I am in ICU, I could settle in. But alas, I will have to break down the living setup and trudge with everything I have to the hospital once called.

So...here are my sparse essentials...
Starbucks Brew

My 'Fridgerator

Breakfast Today

The Master Bedroom

The Second Bedroom

Time to take a walk, do some power walking, see if I can get a hair cut, maybe some shopping...Be back later today.

Oh, and it's partly sunny.

And I may add a new counter to keep myself focused. The amount of days until I think I can finally go home. That will equal the date I get called for surgery, plus average of 10 days in ICU, and the average of 4-6 weeks recovery in Chicago that I'll err on the better side of 5 weeks. I do heal fantastically fast!

That would make today, May 3, 2011, plus 10, plus 28 to equal June 17, 2011 if I'm lucky. Hmmm...I'll miss my 29th wedding anniversary on May 23 with my husband, John. I don't want to miss his birthday in July. He spent two of them in ICU with me.

Okay, these postings are getting a bit depressing. Better go out before I depress all of you! Have to kick my butt out of pity party. Have you ever heard the song, "If there ever was a pooper at a party you're the one. Party Pooper. Party Pooper."? hahahahaha

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