Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cindy in Chicago - Day Five of Freedom


Weather hasn't been very good here but today is finally sunny. Chilly but sunny. John took me walking downtown Chicago. I wanted to try Chicago Pizza. Have to say, it was okay, but we're used to NY pizza. So we walked down to Giordano's, grabbed a seat at the bar, and ordered a Caprice salad and small thin crust pizza--cheese only. It was a great dinner.

Look how weird--John moved the camera and it slanted the pic!
Then we followed the canal back toward the apartment, took some pics, enjoyed the sights, and the freedom of us being together without me getting sick. I have gone from 24 pills a day to 36, but that will come down a bit in time.

What a feeling to leave to go somewhere, walk about, tour sights, and not have to drag insulin pump supplies, worry if I have candy in case I go low, do I have pump backup supplies and glucogon. We had an awesome day and I walked ONE AND A HALF MILES at a good pace!

What a great day!

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