Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cindy in Chicago - Day Fourteen

Average wait time at the University of IL: 180 days. Days I've waited on the list: 181

National Day of Prayer today.

I pray for all the people I see from my window on the 38th floor.
I pray they can find peace in the pressure of life.
I pray for compassion and love to fill their hearts.
I pray for where some of them will sleep tonight.
I pray for comfort for those losing jobs, leaving marriages, struggling with children, suffering from painful medical conditions, and fighting to live a better life.
I pray beyond that horizon outside my window for United States to my west, to my east, and to my south.
I pray the people of this country would rise up to reach for higher ground and strive for the best they can be.
I pray each person that can claim they live in the United States would stop, all at once, and thank God for what they are free to accomplish in this place of opportunity.
I pray for the countries across the Pacific Ocean.
I pray Japan can overcome the incomprehnsible loss and damage by looking to a God who is bigger than the destruction.
I pray for the recovery from earthquakes that break terra firma and break the lives dependent on it's solidity.
I pray for unity in Asia and for safety for Indonesia where earthquakes and poverty prevail.
I pray for the enormous, expansive Russian Federation.
I pray the leadership and government in Russia would have their hearts softened by the suffering of the people.
I pray China to also soften their hearts and find love.
I pray for Australia, the floods, fires, and extreme risks nature poses.
I pray they seek the one who created it all.
I pray India would no longer be the land of telemarketing and computer support, but the land of people who know the truth and that truth would set them free.

I pray over the Atlantic Ocean for Europe, Great Britain, and the countries of Africa.
I pray the peoples of Great Britain, Scotland, Norway, and other countries in that area would wake from the sleep of opulence and bring their minds back in focus with the God of peace.
I pray for Africa and it's vast countries including so many different tribes and tongues.
I pray for provision for the many people who suffer and no nothing of the world those of us live.
I pray for Egypt, Israel, and the other countries at the center of Biblical history and beginnings.
I pray the wars will stop and blood will never be shed again.
I pray for the countries south such as South America, Mexico.
I pray the corruption would halt and the people be able to live the robust lives they were born to live.
I pray for the Northern Territories of Canada, Greenland, and all those frozen places where people thrive.
I pray they reach out to their fellow countries and join the big picture of life on earth together.

I pray for peace.

I pray that Christians would represent the Lord as he would have us be.
I pray hatred would stop.
I pray Christians would become completely selfless, giving everything to help others.
I pray people who represent God would put away their personal beliefs and make all standards based on a loving God.

I pray for unity.

I pray ALL people on the earth would accept each other and accept that each person has the freedom to seek God where they are led to find him.
I pray all to find the truth that God in Heaven wants them to find.
I pray for all peoples to love each other no matter what color, ethnicity, belief, orientation, or lifestyle.

I pray for you and I to be aware of the world out there and take our eyes off our troubles so we could realize the burdens of others and reach out to them.

I pray for longevity of a God who has much mercy. That he would see fit to allow everyone to hear the truth and have a chance to know they have a choice.


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  1. I'm right there with you, sister. What a blessing you are. I met with my best two friends and prayed today. I'm praying for you as well.