Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cindy in Chicago - Day One of Freedom

The new countdown begins. I received my life saving pancreas transplant on May 12, 2011. Thursday afternoon. Things are fantastic. I'm doing great. Now my posts will update my progress and count UP to go home.

UPDATE: 5-22-2011 - This was posted Sunday, only two days after being in ICU. The first day awake, Friday, was the hardest. I found myself tied down with arm restraints. I was okay with it once the nurses explained some people actually toss around and try to pull out the ventilator and nose tubing. But it was hard.

And nothing is as difficult as being awake with a breathing tube and nose feeding tube in. Pain, choking, nauseous, feeling like a truck ran me over...but I made it. And when I posted the fist few lines above from my iPhone, I was actually disconnected from the ventilator, still have the feeding tube in, but was up and walking.

I only took pain medicine the first day to ease the anxiety of having tubes down my throat and nose, but then only took ES Tylenol and been on it since. NO PAIN MEDS! Pancreatic surgery is on of the most painful I was told. But I believe in moving, getting up, being alert, and not depending on pain meds so your body can start to heal and your mind can work on positive steps forward!

More updates to continue now that I'm back up and running!

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  1. My family is thrilled. God has a master plan and you've got lots more work to do...So get ready!