Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cindy in Chicago - Day Sixteen

Average wait time at the University of IL: 180 days. Days I've waited on the list: 183

Oh wow, like very much oh wow... My PeaPod order just arrived and I feel like it's some kind of Christmas or my birthday or something. I have groceries! Yes! You should have seen me ripping into the bags. Fruit, water, lemons, deli meat, Greek yogurt, Kettle chips, bla bla bla. I'm going to have Amy's organic brown rice cream of rice and a cup of Starbucks coffee for breakfast. Might even make some bacon.

Here's my delivery van--it's green--my favorite color!

More later today...after I see what today brings.

Later that day, things change for the foggiest.

But it's a bit difficult to see what today will bring--is this like "lake effect fog?" I watched it slither into the city and cover all that was below with its gray canopy. Reminded me of the original move--"The Fog."

Outside my window...
So I spent the day making phone calls and working. Walked downtown a bit again. Arranged my laundry and checked out the laundry room. Found a stack of books called the "Resident's Library" which is simply a ledge with scattered printed matter from cheesy romances to hardcover law journals. I chose a cheesy romance to take for bored time reading. I am outlining a five book fiction series and have not written much fiction. Figured I'd need to learn what fiction is to write it.

And I forgot to post these marvels of technology below. When I first saw them I thought they were like, "disabled chop sticks." But I was educated--they are "Cheater Chops." Some college engineering student's first year project I suppose. I'm just not into chop sticks. Want to be able to get that food in my mouth. Can't you tell?

Cheater Chops

Oh, this is before my very short hair cut.

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